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Bird watching in Cádiz: Nature, fauna and flora

The coast of Cadiz is a unique place for the sighting of migratory birds that “make a stop” in the Andalusian wetlands before continuing their migration to Africa. The areas of marshes that abound on the coast of Cádiz, especially between the mouths of the Guadalquivir and Barbate rivers are unique places for bird watching because they form an ecosystem rich in resources for these birds that, together with the mild weather conditions prevailing in the area, make this part of Andalusia a unique place to enjoy these birds.

The province of de Cádiz has five natural parks and seven reserves with more than 234,000 hectares of protected areas in which the visitor can see birds of all kinds in a spectacular environment.

Two places near Los Caños de Meca where you can see birds

The wetlands of La Janda are the place par excellence for bird watching in Cádiz, but there are other places very close to our bungalows in Caños de Meca, as it is the Pinar de la Breña or the Marshes of the Barbate River that also gather a large number and variety of birds that you can see from the vicinity.

The wetlands of La Janda (40 minutes by car from Los Caños de Meca)

The old lagoon of La Janda is the place par excellence for bird watching in Cádiz. The old lagoon, dried years ago to allow that area to be used for cultivation fields, was one of the largest lagoons in Spain.

Currently, among all those irrigated fields where the birds feed, a perfect place has been formed to observe birds throughout the year. Migratory birds and residents use this place to rest before continuing their trip to Africa and there are times when it is possible to see 60-70 different species at the same time.

Highlights: white storks, cranes, Iberian imperial eagles, Bonelli’s eagles, marsh harriers or barn owls.

The Marshes of Barbate River (10 minutes by car from Los Caños de Meca)

The Marshes of Barbate River are another very special place for bird watching in Cádiz and, moreover, they are practically next to Los Caños de Meca. When visiting this place, you have to bear in mind that the tides condition the available space so it is convenient that you plan your visit.

In these marshes, unlike the case of Laguna de la Janda, they are an ideal place to spot “wading birds” that take advantage of these tides to feed themselves.

Highlights: The common flamingo, the spatula, sandpipers, sandpipers and plovers (the latter in areas of greater vegetation). You can also spot large cormorants, anatidae, purple seagulls and seagulls.

We present our accommodations to rest after a day of bird watching in Cádiz

As you have seen, Los Caños de Meca is very close to some of the most interesting places to enjoy bird watching on the coast of Cadiz, especially the Marshes of Barbate River.

Therefore, for the independence we offer you when staying in our bungalows on the beach of Los Caños de Meca and because we are an ideal place to disconnect from the daily routine on the beach, we present our accommodations. All our bungalows and the house “La Higuera” are ideal to rest after enjoying a day in the middle of nature watching birds or doing some of the most outstanding plans that we propose in our section of “Plans in Los Caños de Meca”.